The Department of Conservation is the government agency charged with conserving New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage. DOC’s vision is for New Zealand to be the greatest living space on Earth | Kāore he wāhi i tua atu i a Aotearoa, hei wahi noho i te ao. Visit DOC at

The Partnership

This pioneering partnership will see DOC’s Fiordland Recreation/Historic team supplied with Styx Mill products to assist with carrying out their duties safely. The partnership began in April 2015 and will initially run for three years. Fit purpose PPE is fundamental in the DOC workplace, where ‘Injury free and safe home every day’ is a priority for all staff.

The Fiordland Recreation/Historic team  of DOC manages the recreation assets and historic sites within the 1.2 million hectare Fiordland National Park. This team’s work includes maintaining approximately 800 km of tracks, 68 huts, 181 toilets, 22 archaeological sites, and over 500 bridges.

Humphrey Mitchell, Styx Mill General Manager said “Fiordland National Park is an icon for New Zealanders, overseas visitors, and is a source of fascination for our international clients. It is hard to understand the effort  required to maintain the park’s immense infrastructure. Styx Mill is proud to be supporting DOC in its conservation work, promoting safe practises in a New Zealand workplace as beautiful as Fiordland National Park.”

Hectare Fiordland National Park
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Approx of hiking tracks
Plus footbridges