Our mission is to manufacture premium purpose designed apparel that will guarantee a better wearable experience

Business Units

Oilskin Wax

A range of 100% waxed cotton, New Zealand made, purpose-designed apparel and accessories

Branded Apparel

Branded and bespoke New Zealand made apparel including premium brand manufactured lines.

Fire & Arc

Specialist New Zealand made fire suits, fire apparel, antistatic and electrical clothing ranges.

Safety Range

A range of New Zealand made apparel and accessories including forestry, wet weather and safety lines

Our Values

Change: We will make defining steps to improve the future

Family: Maintain the culture of care and family that the business started with

Growth: We need to grow and we will remove obstacles to do this

New Zealand: Our company is an iconic New Zealand start-up story and we value that heritage.

Purpose Designed: We make an authentic product that has real purpose

Our History

Styx Mill is a family business that started in 1991 when manufacturing clothing locally was normal. We began by making garments for a local government; today we wholesale to three continents, knowing our purpose-designed apparel will always guarantee a better wearer experience.

Manufacturing is a trusted connection we have with the people who wear our product. We are proud to see people wearing our outerwear around the world because it makes a difference, to our team and yours.