What do we do

Our Mission

Styx Mill manufactures purpose designed outerwear for the agriculture & safety industries. Our company has purpose and its defined in our mission. This gives us focus and serves as a standard against which we measure our actions and decisions.

Our mission is to manufacture purpose designed innovative apparel that improves people’s lives

  • Manufacturing reliability, a stitch at a time….
  • Our apparel has purpose, we make product for a reason…
  • People have satisfaction wearing our apparel, it makes a difference….

Our 7 Strongest Values

A clear understanding of our actions and how we behave in our sphere of operations.

  • Leadership: Courage to make defining steps to improve the future.
  • Inspiration: Inspiring people to go beyond expectations for our mission and vision.
  • Integrity: Be real and do the best at what we do.
  • Accountability: Excluding external influences to be truly personally accountable.
  • Passion: Loving the product, brand and mission.
  • Development: Giving and developing skills to enable execution every day.
  • Observation: Possess a world view, observe, learn and act for the better.

The Styx Mill Vision

Our vision is where and what we need to accomplish to deliver our purpose designed apparel to the wearer, and we can only do this by achieving quality sustainable growth.

  • People: We want to be a great place to work, great people inspire the great ideas we need.
  • Product: Anticipating and delivering people great products with genuine life purpose.
  • Perception: We will never be an expensive brand coving poor workmanship.
  • Partners: A belief in collaboration beyond customer and supplier relationships.
  • Productivity: Effective revenue driven production throughout our organisation.
  • Profit: Maximizing investor returns in relation to our company responsibilities.
  • Planet: A responsible attitude towards communities and the environment.